4 Things to do to start earn money online

When considering how you will make money with your website, be sure to use several of the resources available today to check and double check your calculations.


It's not an impossible goal, but it's not as easy as the spam e-mail you receive would have you believe. It takes real work, just like any other business, and the rewards can be somewhat shaky if you are depending on free traffic from the search engines to build your business. But done correctly, there are some tried and true ways to make your website turn a profit.

Long word short, let's start following steps :

Share Valuable Resource

The very first thing you must do is make your site a resource. It means making your site useful to a specific audience- it could be a local portal site, a specific brand of car enthusiast site, a craft or hobby site, or even a political opinion site.


Promote Your Site

You've built your site and it rocks- the people who visit leave you great feedback and send you e-mails about how helpful it is. You are adding to your content regularly and keeping it updated and interesting- now you need to turn up the volume on the traffic.

Join Affiliate Marketing


Now we are ready to make some money! There are many, many affiliate programs available on the web that allow you to join simply by filling out an application. The key is to find products and services your visitors want to buy.

Build a Network of Directories

The problem with most industry directories is that they start out asking for payment, before they are a proven resource. Build your directory first with free listings, possibly requiring a link back in exchange. Once the content and the search engine rankings are there, THEN it's time to charge for listings.

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